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At a glance

Country of Origin: France
Region of Origin: Rhone
Typical Product: Red
Structure: Medium
Climate: Hot, Dry
Soil Type: Well drained poor soil
Serving Temp: 57 - 61F
Ageability: 3 to 7
Sauces to Pair:
Meals to Pair:
Other Names*: Garnacha, Garnatxa (in Catalan)


Raise your hand if you think you really know what Grenache is.  Ok, at least three quarters of you are probably wrong.  Grenache, or more formally Grenache Noir, may be the most misunderstood red wine grape currently grown in California.   A commonly held misconception is that Grenache's origins are French.  Actually it was originally a Spanish Varietal called Garnacha or Garnacha Tinta.  It migrated north and likely reached its French home of the Rhone sometime in the very late middle ages where it became one of the prime blending grapes for the blends produced there.  For this site however, we've classified Grenache as a French Rhone Varietal because most of the current Granache grown in the US comes from French cuttings and it's generally used more in a Rhone style.

Winemakers in Australia and the West Coast of the US began cultivating Grenache in mid 19th century where it was (and continues to be primarily used as a blending grape).  Depending who you believe, it's the 1st, 2nd or 3rd most widely cultivated red wine grape in the world.

Grenache likes heatâ?¦lots of heat.  It buds early and has one of the longest growing season of any wine producing grape.  Although it buds before Cabernet, it is usually is harvested weeks afterwards.  It's a vigorous grower that needs extensive thinning of its canopy to insure that fruit receives sunlight.  The grapes are large and tightly packed, which coupled with its desire for heat and intolerance for cool wet conditions can cause rot to the grapes if cool damp weather sets in.  It produces its best fruit if grown in well drained, poor soil.

In its unblended form and assuming proper vineyard practices were followed, Grenache is a take no prisoners, hit you over the head and grab your wallet kind of red wine.  Intense, deep, fruity it typically adds body to blends.  Several wine makers have taken to making a sweet blush wine called white Grenache, obliterating the true character of the fruit and creating false impressions as to the true nature of the Varietal.  It has a tendency to oxidize more quickly than other 'big' red wines so great care must be taken during the wine making process and after opening the bottle.  Many growers  are now making a Rhone style blend consisting of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre often informally called a 'GSM'.
* used in California

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Name Vintage Year Price Tasting Comments
Callaway Vineyard
2008  $25.00  Special Selection 
Pipestone Vineyards
2008  $28.00  Grenache Noir 
Thomas Coyne Winery
2007  $18.00  aged in French oak for 18 months 
Dobra Zemlja Winery
2009  $20.00   
Sarah's Vineyard
2009  $20.00   
Lorimar Vinyards
  $24.00  Grenache Sparkling Wine 
Lorimar Vinyards
2010  $21.00  Rose 
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