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 is the Resource for Wine Novices & Enthusiasts is the free online reference site for North American Wine and Wineries. In addition to educating the public about wine, our goal is to connect smaller winemakers and consumers

Wine Novices
If you are a novice, our online database can suggest varietals, help you find wineries, plan a tasting trip, suggest the perfect wine and food pairing or find a wine event in your area.

Learn about wine using our series of educational blog posts that can take you from the start of the process in the vineyards all the way to serving and preserving wine so it reaches its full potential.

Wine Enthusiasts
Whether you are searching for a rare varietals, looking for a new wine producing area or want to find wineries that match your exacting criteria our extensive database with custom filtering is a great tool.

Wine Drinkers of All Types
Find wine related events or browse specials offered by our winery partners exclusively to readers (starting in Q2, 2014)

Wineries is one of the fastest growing wine web sites on the internet. For a nominal yearly which helps offset our expense and keeps the site free for our readers and add free, you can get in touch with thousands of new potential customers. Boutique wineries have a hard time getting their message to the wine buying public because of the  through the din created by the "Macro Brands. allows your message to get directly to a targeted and receptive audience.

What We Do

Provide information…simple as that. We’re not here to sell you anything. Consider this an online Winery Encyclopedia designed to help you find wines, the Wineries that produce them and regions where they’re made. Our extensive internal database provides a detailed directory to Wineries, Varietals and Wine producing areas in the western US. Our database lets you cross-reference Varietals and the Wineries that produce them.

…& What We Won't

If you're looking for pop up ads and links to wine vendors selling anything from monogrammed corks, to wine colored underwear, you won't find them here. Unlike other wine sites, we don't rely on advertising or links to other pages. We also won't provide opinions about a winery's product in our Encyclopedia listings. One person's nectar is another's swill so to each his own. Winery-Sage is about information, not judgment.

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