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The Online Encyclopedia and Directory of Winery Associations and Wine Trails In California, Oregon and Washington

At a glance

Using the Winery Associations Directory

The Associations directory provides a listing of all known winery Associations and Wine Trails in California, Oregon and Washington. Each has an individual Encyclopedia page that provides a brief summary of their charter, a wine map if available, a link to their web site and a listing of events that they are sponsoring. Clicking on the Association name in the directory will take you to their Encyclopedia page.

Winery and Grower Associations and Wine Trails

Associations generally fall into four categories. The first cater to the wine industry, tracking regulations, facilitating commerce and bringing new advances to member wine makers. The second primarily promote the member’s wines and educate the public about the wine regions they represent. A number of the larger ones now serve both purposes. If they have a good web site, they’re excellent resources for finding member wineries, locating events and planning trips. The third are formed to promote a specific wine grape or group of grapes with a common origin although we think that the founders of those groups just like to drink wine and have found a plausible excuse to pass it off as a business expense…something we can all admire. The forth, generally known as a “Wine Trail” acts as a smaller regional association bringing focus to groups of wineries within that region to create a more localized presence. These are often the best source to plan a tasting trip because of the close proximity of the wineries. In order to be considered for inclusion in, a wine trail must have a web site.


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