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The Online Encyclopedia and Directory of Wine Grape Varietals Currently Produced In California, Oregon and Washington

At a glance

Using the Varietals Directory

You’ve reached the Varietals section of the site. Each of the Varietals provided in the ‘Listings” section will take you to an individual Varietal Encyclopedia page.  In additional to growing and serving information, you’ll also find links to member Wineries that produce that Varietal.  This is great resource for finding wines that match specific characteristics. If you want a directory of all Varietals and their characteristics, click on the “Encyclopedia Varietal Report” in the “Quick Links” section of the site.

Listing of Wines Grown in California, Oregon and Washington

Characteristics Listed for Varietals

Questions about wine invariably involve food pairings, serving temperature and ageability. The modern winemaker has so many options during the winemaking process, that there aren’t absolute answers anymore. Every wine has its own characteristics even within individual varietals.

Despite those variations, for each varietal we’ve attempted to provide answers to the most basic questions asked. This assumes the wine maker has at least loosely adhered to classical techniques. If a Cabernet Sauvignon is called “drinkable”, that usually means it’s made to be enjoyed now. Setting it down for 10 years will more likely result in bad tasting vinegar rather than an exceptional wine.  If a Chardonnay is made without the use of Oak, it will likely taste better served at a lower temperature than we’ve recommended because of its lighter structure. Use the information provided as a general guide and customize it to suit the types of wines that you prefer. For each wine profiled, we’ve included the following information:

Area/Country of Origin Climate If you are aware of a wine produced as a Varietal by a California, Oregon and Washington vintner that's not listed here, please drop us a note by clicking on the button below so we can list it.
Soil Type Region of Origin
Ageability Typical Product
Structure Serving Temp
Blends Other Names
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