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At a glance

Country of Origin: France
Region of Origin: Rhone
Typical Product: Red
Structure: Heavy
Climate: Warm , Dry
Soil Type: Sand/Gravel
Serving Temp: 58 - 63F
Ageability: 5 to 10
Sauces to Pair:
Meals to Pair:
Other Names*: Mataro, Monastrell


Mourvedre is one of the big three of red Rhone Varietals along with Grenache and Syrah.  Like Grenache, its origins don't actually lie in the Rhone as is commonly believed, but in North Eastern Spain.  It spread to France before the modern borders of France and Spain formed.  In Spain, it's usually called Monastrell and often called Mataro in the US and Australia.  Mourvedre first arrived in the US, in California in the 1860s and has generally been thought of as a niche grape rather than as a star on its own.  The Rhone Rangers, a winery association centered in the Paso Robles area of California, actively promote Mourvedre (along with the other Rhone Varietals) as a wine worthy of interest by itself.

Mourvedre is a notoriously difficult grape to grow.  It requires strong sun, cool, damp or even wet soils.  It ripens late, making it very difficult to grown in areas that don't have a prolonged summer.  It that weren't enough, the fruit grows in a tight cluster increasing the likelihood of mildew or rot and it tends to produce excessive amounts of foliage which shade the grape further creating difficulties for the winemaker.

When used in a Rhone blend, Mourvedre is often the component that gives the wine its finish with lots of tannins and adding additional alcohol.  When produced as a Varietal, Mourvedre is often described as having flavors of earth, leather or even barnyard.  Wine expert Oz Clark advocates letting it age for 5 years or more to lose much of the barnyard.

* used in California

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Name Vintage Year Price Tasting Comments
Callaway Vineyard
2008  $28.00  Special Selection 
Pipestone Vineyards
2007  $38.00   
Brian Benson Cellars
2008  $45.00  Camatta Hills Vineyard 
Thomas Coyne Winery
2009  $20.00  aged in French and American Oak for 16 months.  
Les Chenes
2007  $26.00  Estate 
Les Chenes
2009  $22.00  Mourvedre Rose 
Fenestra Winery
2008  $25.00  Estate 
Tanis Vineyards
2008  $23.00   
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