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At a glance

Country of Origin: Portugal
Region of Origin: Unknown
Typical Product: Red
Structure: Heavy
Climate: Hot
Soil Type: Gravel, Rocky
Serving Temp: 59 - 63F
Ageability: 10 +
Sauces to Pair:
Meals to Pair:
Other Names*:


If Portugal has a favorite Varietal, Touriga Nacional is probably it.  Although known more for adding body and complexity to port, it is increasingly garnering a reputation as a Varietal worthy of note. 

It has a tendency to quickly mutate, leading wine researchers to believe that it is an ancient Varietal.  The large number of clones as well as its similarity to several descendents has led to occasional misclassifications, often with its relative Touriga Franca.

Touriga National is a very vigorous growing so pruning is critical.  It is a sparse producer making it an economic challenge for most wineries.  No one grows Touriga Nacional to make a fortune.  It is usually the most expensive grape in any Port.  It matures early and likes warmer climates so at least frost is not usually one of the difficulties growers face.  Touriga Nacional has small berries creating a large skin to juice ratio, creating a heavy wine with plentiful tannins and flavor but it also has a lot of fruit. 

Wine expert Jancis Robinson has compared Touriga Nacional to Cabernet Sauvignon.  Like Cab, it is big and bold with generous portions of tannins, acid and fruit.  When young, it has a particularly strong aroma and its flavor can be quite aggressive.  It ages very well and if allowed can happily mature for 10 years or more creating a more balanced wine.  Age softened tannins bring the wine into balance.  Serve Touriga Nacional from slightly under 60 degrees Fahrenheit to show off its character and allow it to warm slightly to optimum temperature rather than letting it over warm to room temperature.
* used in California

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Idle Hour Winery
2013  $26.00   
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