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At a glance

Country of Origin: Italy
Region of Origin: None
Typical Product: White
Structure: Light
Climate: Cool - Warm
Soil Type: Sandy, Schist
Serving Temp: 45 - 50F
Ageability: 1
Sauces to Pair:
Meals to Pair:
Other Names*:


Malvasia Bianca is one of the most widely planted white Varietals in Italy and like many Italian Varietals, it is believed to be an ancient vine.  Most theories point to it having been brought to Italy by Greek settlers roughly 2,500 years ago although there is no real documented evidence to support this theory.  The source of its name is just as fuzzy.  Two theories abound.  One that it is named for the Venetian fortress of Monemvasia and the other that it comes from the Malevizi region of Crete.

Malvasia Bianca is quite adaptable to various styles.  It can be quite sweet or can be drier.  It is very light to a medium yellow/gold cooler depending on how dark the fruit and how much oak (if any was used in the winemaking process.  It is most often described as having an aroma of honey and pears.  Malvasia Bianca should be enjoyed early.  Most often, any bottle older than 3 years is already getting tired.

Malvasia Bianca vines are quite vigorous and need some trimming to insure that the nutrients go into the fruit and not solely the vines. They prefer sandy soils that drain. The vines produce a lot of fruit and if not kept in check, If fruit production is not kept in check, the overproduction will render grapes with little character.  Malvasia Bianca fruit are generally yellow but will darken when over exposed to sunlight.  High yields can also push harvest farther back although this is slightly less problematic given that it generally ripens early.  

* used in California

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