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At a glance

Country of Origin: Portugal
Region of Origin: All of Portugal
Typical Product: Red
Structure: Very Heavy
Climate: N/A
Soil Type: N/A
Serving Temp: N/AF
Ageability: 10+
Sauces to Pair:
Meals to Pair:
Other Names*:


Although we treat Port and other Fortified wines as a Varietal for this page, that is done as a means to get this popular type of wine to conform to the structure of this site.

Port is a strong wine, most often fortified with brandy or other distilled spirit.  There is no hard rule that says Port style wines have to come from a specific type of grape.  It is often a blend of several different types of grapes although to conform to the traditional Port style, they would typically be made with Portuguese Varietals that are grown in the Douro Valley. 

* used in California

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Name Vintage Year Price Tasting Comments
Byington Winery
2007  $15.00  Reichel Vineyard 
Byington Winery
2009  $15.00  Quenneville Vineyard 
Byington Winery
2009  $18.00  Qunita 
2008  $22.00  Eredita-Special Family Reserve Port 
Eberle Winery
2007  $60.00  Vintage Port 
Deaver Vineyards
  $20.00  Syrah grapes 
Deaver Vineyards
  $26.00  Petite Sirah grapes 
Deaver Vineyards
  $26.00  Black Muscat grapes 
Deaver Vineyards
  $30.00  Golden Nectar port 
Deaver Vineyards
  $21.00  Light Orange Muscat Port 
Deaver Vineyards
  $22.00  Barbera grapes 
Deaver Vineyards
  $40.00  Angelica-Port from Mission grapes 
Callaway Vineyard
2008  $48.00  Wine Maker's Reserve AKA 
Paraiso Vinyards
2009  $40.00  Souzao 
Thomas Coyne Winery
2007  $15.00   
Les Chenes
  $26.00  Old Vine Tawny - Traditional Portuguese Style Tawny Port 
Les Chenes
  $22.00  Petite Sirah (Port) Dessert Wine 
Fenestra Winery
2004  $17.00   
Bent Creek Winery
2009  $23.00  Zinfandel Port 
Bent Creek Winery
2008  $23.00  Petite Port 
Peachy Canyon Winery
  $29.00  Zinfandel Port IX 
Dobra Zemlja Winery
2009  $20.00  Late Harvest Zinfandel 
Dobra Zemlja Winery
  $35.00  Kikas (Dobra Style Port) 750 milliliter jug 
Bray Vineyards
2008  $24.00  Barbera 
Bray Vineyards
2007  $24.00  2007 Port - Petite Sirah/Zinfandel 
Bray Vineyards
2009  $24.00  Port - Vinho Tinto 
Bray Vineyards
  $40.00  Angelica NV-dessert wine 
Karmere Vineyards & Winery
  $25.06  Three Princes Forte  
0000  $30.00  500ml Bottle 
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